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Identity Management
EPS is a leading custom software application provider offering innovative IT Solutions, IT Education and Training and BPO / IT Enabled Services to NGOs,
Government and Private organizations globally.
EPS is people oriented company that provides its people with conductive work environment and opportunity to lead and grow.
EPS vision is to be recognized as a respected, global IT firm, highly valued by its customers, employees and partners.
We identify and implement technologies those are most relevant to the requirements of our customers more
Improving security and reducing ID fraud while creating a secure infrastructure for Internet access are high on every government’s agenda, with
a call for greater security features and the necessary legislation to implement them. EPS provides secure and tailor-made ID solutions helping
governments improve security and deploy electronic applications to offer better public services.
EPS’s ID solution is fully-compliant smart card-based solutions which helps in increasing citizen protection while contributing to better control
immigration and offering an effective means of ID checking, using security that is always one step ahead. EPS offers a variety of secure ID
documents with a range of professional solutions for a complete solution, which can be delivered as individual systems or using a managed
service option. From national ID cards to driver’s licenses and registration certificates, EPS offers a high-quality, secure and durable range of
solutions that can be tailor-made to fit any national requirements. EPS is looking to work with technologically proactive governments and agencies.
National Identity Management
In today’s dynamic world, identity management is not only an essential element for dealing technical issues, but also crucial part of business
focus for organizations. Identity management has become an important challenge for immigration, law enforcement, intelligence, social welfare
agencies and various other government, non-government and private organizations. It is inevitable for organizations to ensure that identity &
access management activities are actually enabling organizations to achieve & manage compliance to policies, rules & regulations and assign
appropriate user access to sensitive data, policies and resources across the organization.
EPS Identity Management practice provides organizations with a completely integrated and best-in-class suite of identity management solutions
that ensures security, confidentiality, & integrity of data and security related applications.
Globally passport issuing authorities require software application to enhance productivity, prevent passport issuance abuse, and reduce delivery
time. They also need to automate data recording, stop-list checking processes and control blank booklet inventory as well as passport delivery.
EPS Passport Issuance Solution is a centralized issuing center for the passports. The proposed solution depends on placing New Passport Printers
which are:

•Built from scratch to be a Passport Printer (i.e. not modified office printer)
•Can work in centralized or decentralized configuration.
•One-step “push a button, get a book” printer Pigment-transfer printing on thin, optically active protective film
The solution will ensure fastest passport production, stringent security in handling blank passport booklets, and planned procedure of handling and distributing personalized
EPS’s Passport Issuance System will perform the following functions:
• Automatically transfer textual application data from the existing system to the new computer system
• Application Form handling and automated data entry
• Automated Photo and Signature capturing
• Stringent Data Validation
• Adding the necessary required Personal Computers, and Scanners.
• Proper network for Data Transmission
EPS provides a complete solution to implement the passport issuance system as well as the required hardware infrastructure to operate it.
In order to provide the best solution to the client, EPS partners with industry leading providers and follows a methodology to manage projects
based on best practices and recommendation of CMMI. EPS prepares a unified project plan and management mechanism to provide sufficient
insight and transparency on project implementation to the customers.
Passport Issuance System
The need for border control processing has increased significantly in the last few years. The steep annual growth in travel present new challenges to existing border control
systems, concerning efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness. An upsurge in international crime has forced
governments to take measures to ensure safety and security. Conventional methods cannot meet the reliability and speed requirements to identify such large numbers of
travelers. New, high-capacity technology is needed. As a result, the introduction of biometrics is emerging as the preferred core technology for new Border Management
Solutions. Modern Biometrics provides reliability and the ability to authenticate with extreme accuracy. The task of consolidating multiple State, Province and Municipal
Biometric platforms using today's Biometric technology has become an easy task. Also, Biometric applications for Border Control have the ability to be configured with global
systems, allowing for identification of flagged individuals across multiple national platforms.
The control procedure has many forms. First the data is read from a smart card. The ID number and nationality are especially important; with this information the system can query a database to
verify the validity of the document. If it is not valid, the control process is aborted. If the smart card is valid, multiple blacklist checks are carried out, and the traveler’s biometric data is read from
the chip or database and prepared for subsequent biometric comparison. Then the traveler is allowed to enter the screening area.
The system also verifies whether he enters the area within the predetermined time. If not, the control process is aborted; otherwise the traveler enters the screening area,
and the biometric verification process begins. The traveler must also complete biometric verification within a predefined time.